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geOrchestra Spatial Data Infrastructure

geOrchestra is a free, modular and interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructure software born in 2009 to meet the requirements of the INSPIRE directive in Europe.

Icône story


The geOrchestra project started back in 2009 when the Brittany spatial data infrastructure was under construction. Users and developers decided to place the source code under an open licence. An independant project steering committee was appointed to drive the project, address the emerging community, and vote changes.

Subsequently, many people studied, adapted, and translated geOrchestra modules for their own needs.

Initially hosted on a Brittany-hosted software repository, the source code finally moved to GitHub in 2012. This greatly improved code accessibility and obviously made contributions easier. The commit rates grew up dramatically.

made by people for people

Build your own Spatial Data Infrastructure

geOrchestra's core features a security proxy and a single-sign-on authentication system. Next to this core are independant and interoperable modules to build your own Spatial Data Infrastructure :

Icône Geonetwork


a data catalog

Icône Geoserver


a map and features server

Icône GeoFence


an advanced data access list manager

Icône GeoWebCache


a map tile server

Icône Mapstore


an advanced web map viewer

Icône Console


a user, orgs & roles manager

Icône Analytics


a module to display data usage statistics

Icône DataFeeder


a data integration assistant

and several other admin-oriented modules.

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geOrchestra meeting

Lille // 17 to 21 June 2024