geOrchestra’s core relies on a security proxy based on Spring Security and on a single-sign-on system using CAS.

geOrchestra provides independant and interoperable modules to build your own custom spatial data infrastructure:


All geOrchestra modules are available under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license, except:

Our main libraries are using a mix of licenses, compatible with the Open Source definition:

  • GeoTools - LGPL,
  • OpenLayers & GeoExt - BSD-style,
  • ExtJS - GPL v3,
  • proj4js - MIT.

Web Services

A geOrchestra platform advertises standard web services to discover (CSW), view (WMS, WMTS), symbolize (SLD), query and download (WFS), edit (WFS-T), and even process (WPS) geographical features. It also provides powerful web applications making use of these services (and eventually combining them). It interoperates perfectly with GIS softwares such as QGIS and ArcGIS.


Releases are published in a time based fashion, every 6 months, following a planned schedule. They are supported for 12 months, though older releases may have different support length.

Version Docs Released End of life
19.04 Release 2019-04-12 2020-04
18.06 Release 2018-07-20 2019-07
17.12 Release 2018-02-07 2019-02
16.12 Release 2017-02-20 2018-02
15.12 Release 2016-02-24 2017-02
15.06 Blog 2015-07-10 2016-07
14.12 Blog 2015-01-30 2016-01
14.06 Blog 2014-07-10 2015-07
14.01 Blog 2014-01-30 2015-01
13.09 Blog 2013-10-02 2014-10
13.06 Notes 2013-06-27 2014-06
13.02 Notes 2013-03-25 2014-03
12.11 Blog 2012-12-13 2013-12
12.06 - 2012-07-25 2013-07
11.10 - 2011-12-16 2012-12

The above releases are hosted on branches forked from the master branch at the release date.

Bugs are fixed on the oldest supported branch bringing the feature, and ported to later branches (up to master) via cascading merges. You may refer to the geOrchestra repository network for a graphical view of the above.

New features are merged into the master branch, which means they’ll be available in the next stable version.