geOrchestra is a community-driven project.
Anyone can contribute, and each contribution may be reused freely by everyone.

Contributions may take several forms:

Who’s using geOrchestra ?

State level:

  • Plurinational state of Bolivia with GeoBolivia
  • Autoridad Binacional Autónoma del Sistema Hídrico del Lago Titicaca, Río Desaguadero, Lago Poopó, Salar de Coipasa, with GeoTiticaca

Subnational level:

Urban area level:

Research and education:


  • TerraNIS, a French company specialized in the design, development and commercialization of geoinformation services in agriculture and environment domains.

International organizations:

… and many more we don’t know about. Please contact us to register your geOrchestra !

Who develops geOrchestra ?

The commiters list only gives a partial view.

The GitHub ecosystem allows wide contributions via the “Pull Request” principle. These contributions are always intensively reviewed and tested, eventually leading to their acceptance and integration (“merge”).

How to find help ?

We are always pleased to give a hand on the #georchestra channel ( IRC server).

The project runs two mailing lists, which you can freely join to ask for help:

Use to reach the Project Steering Committee.
No support will be provided at this address.