geOrchestra 14.06 is out !
This is essentially a maintenance version with some nice improvements.

Front office:

  • a new GeoWebCache module, useful to deploy independant tile caches; this gives more speed and availablility to high traffic layers,
  • a complete german translation (thanks CIGALsace).

Hidden, but no less important:

  • better roles separation, for administration (datas / metadatas / user managemnent) and for accessing modules (extractor / statistics).
  • Single Sign On upgraded to JASIG CAS 4.0.0 final version,
  • the whole software suite works under https, delivers secure data services (Rennes Métropole contribution),
  • configuration is now easier, since build parameters are in one place, and only one database is mandatory. You still can customize anything you want for your install,
  • better unit tests coverage on many modules (ldapadmin, mapfishapp, extractorapp, downloadform),
  • GDAL/OGR natives libraries are handled more appropriately,
  • GeoFence performs better.

On the documentation side : the documentation closely sticks to the source code, you can reach it directly from the README file, located in the project’s root directory.

During geOcom 2014, Vienne agglomeration announced that they wrote and published a multi-tomcat install documentation [source] under a Open Licence. Thanks a lot for their commitment in the project !

You want to install, update your geOrchestra instance or get more information about this new version, please refer to the release notes.
If you’re in trouble, feel free to join developers and users on IRC or on the mailing list.