GeoCom2015, the yearly meeting of the geOrchestra community will be held in june in Alsace, France. Whether you are users, developers, SDI managers, or just interested, this is where we are loking forward to seeing you and together set geOrchestra’s roadmap and share experiences.

With the community at its centre

geOrchestra as a project was decidedly built a community from its very start. To us this means that users, contributers, funders, developers, teachers, and researchers, all have their say in order to set the project’s roadmap.

Project GeoBolivia who invited the PSC in 2012 made us aware of the interest of gathering the community, as the aims of ours SDIs are different and complementary at the same time.

bolivia 2012

Then followed the first GeoCom (2013) in Rennes, France, hosted by Agrocampus Ouest. Exposing together state, regional, council, and research, SDIs genuinely fuelled our reflections, from which stemmed the implementation of professional add-ons and a dedication to share different tools for different audiences.

agrocampus ouest 2013

In 2014, CRAIG brought us together in Clermont Ferrand, France. There we found a diversified community with a will to stress on the support to managers. This resulted in a documentation work and an effort to make the installation process simpler.

craig 2014

Heading to Alsace

We happily announce the same dynamic for 2015. The CIGAL (Cooperation Geographic Information in Alsace) partnership have agreed (many thanks to them!) to host GeoCom 2015 in Strasbourg, France. The proposed dates are 22-24 june. The event is obviously free and everyone interested in geOrchestra are warmly invited.

We need you to take your part in topic build-up to better target on expectations and consequently influence the roadmap. Thank you in advance for filling-in the following poll.

See you soon at GeoCom 2015.