The geOcom 2018 event will be hosted this year by the “Hauts-de-France” region, in France, on June 12th to 13th. Let’s meet in Amiens to share ideas, discuss upcoming changes or discover geOrchestra and its community !

The geOrchestra community gathers every year at the “geOcom” event. This is a unique opportunity to discover new platforms, new players, current or future projects and build the roadmap for the upcoming releases.

This event allows actors and newcomers to discover the community and its uses, issues in progress or to come, not to mention moments of conviviality and discovery of the region. The geOcom will be followed by two days of code and doc sprint, which allows to give a helping hand on top priority topics.


Program stopped by 05/04/2018.

  • News about the 17.12 and 18.06 versions
  • Community: feedback, testimonials
    • design by service with geOrchestra
    • GeoNetwork 3.4 : the news including its API
    • restriction of geographic access to services : an alternative to GeoFence
  • Strategy and foresight
    • next viewers(s) : key concepts and functionalities, validation of a road map
    • admin console : management of roles and organizations
    • sharing the maintenance payload
    • datas from “open data” web sites and open geographic datas : Shall we converge ? How to do it ?
    • authentification management : remind of concepts and implementation. What will be the needs in the future ?


Participation to this event is free. However, we ask you to register via this form to allow us to receive you in the best conditions.

Caution : the geOcom is concerneed by the strike of SNCF’s employees. Take a glance at this map to optimize your journeys.